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Live Bait Store

We Guarantee Live Delivery.

We guarantee live delivery of all our live baits, if delivered with next day service. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your Vados Bait Express experience:

  • Order Bait in Quantities You (Or Your Group) Will Use in 2 or 3 Weeks.
    Even though many of our bait products can be successfully kept for much longer, please remember that these are live baits, which require your care and attention for maximum vitality. For larger savings, try using the "buddy" system and combine orders with a friend.
  • Check Your Bait Immediately Upon Arrival and then read the Care Instructions.
    We provide simple instructions for the care of your live bait. However, if you still have questions, call us within 24 hours of delivery - and we will gladly walk you through the "wake-up" and care of your bait.

UPS Shipping Spee-Dee Shipping

Products are shipped Monday - Wednesday to ensure delivery by the weekend. Bait orders placed on Thursday must go next-day .

UPS & Spee Dee delivery are utilized to ensure live bait delivery.

To Begin Your Shopping Experience.

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*Website Bait prices are lower then those in our retail store location to offset the cost of shipping.